The Line Break: HEX 2012 Look Book, Video and Q&A

Accessory brand Hex just released its new 2012 look book and look book video. With athletes like Mike Mo Capaldi, Michael Dunphy, and Morgan Wade repping its products, HEX has emerged as a competitive brand in the watches and bags categories since its launch in 2010. Here’s a preview of what the brand has up its sleeve for the New Year, and quick Q&A with founder Carl Steindler.


What is the inspiration behind the new line? We wanted to continue to pursue our fashion aesthetic in a way that translated well for Spring. We settled on the railroad stripe for it’s clean appeal, and tan accents add a classic edge. This stays true to our minimalist style and advances it forward.

How often will you release new product? There will be new products throughout 2012 including collections for Summer, Back To School/Fall and Holiday.

How have retailers’ received the new line?¬† Extremely well. HEX is a premium brand and is carried in some of the best retailers around. They are excited to have a legit option that addresses both fashion and tech in an organic way, and customers have been responding with great sell through.

What trade shows will we be seeing HEX at this year? Agenda LA, Agenda NY, CES, Project Las Vegas, Bright, Know Show, SXSW.

What's the next move for marketing with HEX and what has been your specific strategy so far? We will continue to associate ourselves with some of the best athletes, musicians and artists in their respective fields as well as being involved with events that we believe in and fit with the brand. We are beginning a print ad campaign as well that will showcase the HEX aesthetic and it affiliates.