The Line Break: Iron Fist Spring 2013

We caught up with Iron Fist Manufacturing’s┬áNational Sales Manager┬áJames Herrault to find out what’s new with the brand’s Spring ’13 collection, which includes the debut of its heritage apparel and lifestyle footwear.

What carried over into this new collection from last season, and why?

We brought over a lot of the chain stitched classic embroidery embellishments and some of the heritage varsity letterman’s jacket and sweaters. It was a well-received mix of vintage inspired style with our creative take.

What’s been the response from retailers?

The response has been great. Retailers have been raving about our tank tops, short sleeve wovens, and lifestyle footwear.

When did you introduce the footwear collection, and how did the addition of the Duane Peters and Jason Adams signature shoes come about?

Spring ’13 will be the launch of the footwear collection. We had been working with Jason [Adams] from an art standpoint for quite some time, and had been developing a shoe line with both Jason [Adams] and Duane [Peters] called Deadboy. As it was slow to come together, it made more sense to incorporate into IRN FST as one heritage line. They both have been very involved in the design process, ensuring that quality and function are just as important as the look.

What’s your favorite piece in the collection and why?

The Slacker Derby shoe. It’s a high grade leather shoe that gives you a more elevated style without being too dressy. It created the most buzz from retailers.

What types of innovative fabrics, materials, et cetera, are you utilizing?

We are working with a lot of chambrays, cotton rich materials with vintage washes, two-way fleece, and over-dyed denims. All tees and fleece are getting silicon softening washes. For the footwear we are using waxed canvas and premium leathers.

Anything else you’d like to add about this collection that I didn’t touch on?

We are making a huge push right now. Expect great things from IRN FST MFG in 2013.