The Line Break: Quiksilver And Quik Women’s Spring 2013

Quiksilver’s VP Of Sales and Marketing For Women’s Kenna Florie and Quiksilver Women’s Head Designer John Moore discuss the upcoming Spring 2013 collection for both Quiksilver and QSW.

What different inspiration and design went in to Quiksilver vs. QSW?

KF – We've always offered three deliveries for our bigger seasons. This a way to have micro stories within the line. You will notice that there is a color palette that runs through the entire season but then there are special colors and prints that are specific to each delivery. And each delivery lands on the floor at a different time. So this approach is very beneficial in that it ensures that there is new product hitting the floor each month: better sell-through because of fresh product!

JM – Quiksilver and QSW usually begin with the same spark – for SP13 it was our own backyard of Los Angeles, specifically the coastline and colorful history of Malibu and its 27 miles of breathtaking coastline. When we were designing the spring collections, we were also designing our first Quiksilver Women's store in Malibu, so we were just really excited to ride the energy from this storied location.

The main differences in the two collections really come in the way we translate the inspiration into design. If our design filter is "modern coastal classic", then the Quiksilver offering focuses more on the "classic" referencing vintage stories from the Quiksilver archives, and QSW puts the emphasis on "modern". I really see both collections catering to the same woman at different points in her life. Quiksilver is a little more lighthearted and accessible – geared towards a more youthful spirit, whereas QSW uses higher-end fabrics and more subtle details, and is designed with the contemporary market in mind. But with both collections, we focus on using the softest fabrications in the market…

What pieces are new to each collection and what ones are you most stoked on, and why?

JM – I love Spring collections, cause they represent clean slates and fresh beginnings, and we have a lot of newness in both collections.

Highlights in QSW include the Sketchy Squares styles we did in collaboration with Serena Mitnik-Miller. It's a palazzo pant, sleeveless shirtdress and three silhouettes in swim including the Starboard Bra Top. The Coral Fan print is also a design room favorite. We pulled this print out of the archives of Hoffman California fabrics, and designed into three beautiful bodies. My favorite is the Coral Fan Halter Dress that also happens to be my favorite image which graces the cover of the SP 13 QSW look book.

In the Quiksilver offering, we are loving the Indigo Splash Maxi Dress, our first vertical water color stripe with Serena, and the Hoffman Avalon Flora Dress which is a pale and wearable spin on vintage aloha prints. And we always love the perfect white dress, and Springs cotton eyelet Waxed Flower Dress, has everyone smitten with the plunging bare back design.

KF – We have a ton of new pieces in the spring collection! On the Quiksilver side, I'm probably most excited about some of the prints that run through the line. We have the blue skies floral print that is absolutely gorgeous. We carry it through swim, boardshorts, a dress, top and skirt. We LOVE this print. And the fabric is amazing- it's the softest thing to put on your body. We're seeing some great love for our wovens. . . all very "modern coastal classic,"especially the Annadel shirt, which is a classic striped cotton shirt that’s perfect for throwing over a swim suit or tucking into your favorite pair of skinnies. And our updated Third Bay shirt is in our top three most booked style—when you feel it you know why!

From QSW you're going to see some of our best selling silhouettes updated with festive new colors and prints. The Harbor Maxi is still a run-away favorite for buyers and customers. What girl doesn't want a classic, effortless soft dress for spring? And the two prints that are going to blow you away are the Coral Fan print that comes straight out of the Hoffman archives and the Sketchy Squares print that came from Serena. I could go on and on about QSW. Girls are going to want everything!

Click through to see the Quiksilver Women’s collection and read more from Florie and Moore.

With Quik Women’s, how are you seeing the collection grow within your retail base?

We are seeing great increases for both the juniors line (Quiksilver) and the QSW line. There seems to be a major demand for coastal classics within the surf and boutique market. We can all see the success that Madewell is having with the junior customer and its making everyone realize that girls want this classic styling. We give them that. . .with a fresh, coastal twist. Are they expanding the number of pieces, and have you opened more doors with the line over the last year? Yes, we are expanding the style count for the collection, simply because sales are increasing so dramatically that we need to keep up. We are trying to keep the line tight and focused though. Stick to our design filter and don't compromise: modern coastal classic. And yes, we have opened more doors for the two collections, BUT we are still focused on slow calculated growth. The store needs to fit for us to go into a partnership. We want it to work for both of us.

Where were the lookbooks photographed? What’s been your favorite photo shoot/location since you’ve been working with the brands? 

KF – The images in our spring lineguide are from our Malibu shoot. We shot with Melodie McDaniel, who we've been with for three seasons now. She is amazing and we are IN LOVE with her. The scenic shots that you see in the QSW lineguide are from Andrew Paynter who we've been with from the very beginning. He is a friend of Serena's from the Outer Sunset area of San Francisco. We all love him so much that you see his shots around our office and our own homes. My favorite photoshoot? I'd probably have to say Malibu actually. The shoot was, as always, full of hysterical laughing and amazing talent. But more than anything, we came out with these amazing group shots that speak to the old time photos of Max Dupain and Rennie Ellis- which is exactly what we were going for.

Anything else you’d like to add?

JM – We called our SP 13 Quiksilver collection The Bathers 'cause we have our most robust offering of swimwear to date. A collection of bikinis and one pieces that range from the iconic Little Black String Bikini (Stephanie Gilmore's favorite) to the modern coastal classics like the indigo Sailing Helms and golden Sunburst string bikinis for those sunny days at Surfrider Beach in Malibu!