The Orchard Sports Debuts As Leading Digital Distributor

The Orchard announces the launch of their digital distribution sector, The Orchard Sports. The Orchard Sports will connect action sports film producers with worldwide digital distribution through accessible platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Hulu, and more. The Orchard Sports boasts longstanding relationships within the digital and action sports community, and hopes to leverage these relationships with this new endeavor. Read the official words from The Orchard on how Orchard Sports hopes to become the leading digital distributor for action sports films.


NEW YORK, NY – The Orchard announced today it has launched The Orchard Sports, a
new digital distribution offering architected for action sports and lifestyle film producers.
The Orchard Sports now provides action sports film producers the leading option for
worldwide digital distribution, reaching their core demographic of 18-34 year old action
sports enthusiasts via internet video retailers, gaming consoles and subscription
services. The company will leverage its innovative platform that is tied into the global
web of Internet and mobile services, its longstanding retail relationships and its expertise
of action sports digital distribution to expand their clients’ viewership and maximize their

“We have over 10 years experience building new digital revenue streams for our clients,
as well as targeting connections between high profile brands and the demographic they
want to hit,” commented Brad Navin, CEO of The Orchard. “We’ve found the action
sports film industry aligns perfectly with the user demographic of our digital film
platforms.” The Orchard Sports ever-growing network of platforms includes iTunes, XBox,
Playstation, VUDU, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, GoogleTV and Amazon.
Promotion of the films extends beyond the digital retail network to the internetʼs top
action sports destinations via trailer and exclusive clip features. These features drive
sales to legal destinations, raising awareness of the films and deterring piracy. The
Orchard Sports also fights piracy using fingerprinting technology that automatically
blocks user-uploaded clips of the film on YouTube. Users will be able to rent the films on

Equipped with an unmatched value proposition and the backing of The Orchard’s
distribution infrastructure, industry veteran Danny Grant will lead The Orchard Sports’
film acquisitions and marketing initiatives. Danny brings more than a decadeʼs
experience in action sports media, including a highly successful tenure as General
Manager of VAS Entertainment, where he oversaw licensing, distribution, and operations
at the action sports media company. “Iʼm honored to be a part of the development and
launch of The Orchard Sports,” said Grant. “Weʼve created a complete digital distribution
solution for the action sports producer community by providing stability and clarity to an
ever shifting market. Itʼs very exciting.”

The Orchard Sports believes in complete seamless visibility. Producers and brands get
access to the industryʼs leading dashboard, providing real-time access to their
accounting, delivery status, daily iTunes sales estimations down to zip code and a
growing suite of tools, services and analytics. Additionally, as a part of The Orchard, the
fifteen year-old, profitably run independent distributor, The Orchard Sports adheres to
the highest standards in accounting and payment practices, taking pride in paying their
clients on time, every time.

Additional benefits to clients of The Orchard Sports include free unlimited encoding and
delivery to retailers along with professional music supervision to help producers secure a
legal soundtrack of music from buzzing indie artists.

Upcoming releases include Moto 3: The Movie, the third film in a series from the award
winning producer Taylor Congdon, From the Inside Out, the premiere MTB release from
SecondBase Films, CAPiTA Snowboards Defenders of Awesome, and the highly
anticipated wakeboard feature from BFY Productions, Defy: The Danny Harf Project.
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