‘The Rise of El Diablo’ Mini Ramp Jam Held May 16-18

image.jpgOFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Navigator Trucks presents “The Rise of El Diablo” Mini Ramp Jam in Sierra Vista, Arizona, which is co-sponsored by Deville Wheels, AZPX Skateboards, and AZ STEEZ MAG.

The ramp is 28″ wide 6 feet tall, with two 7 foot extensions. Navigator trucks will be giving away $2000 for the pro event, and $500 to the AM’s- going down on Saturday. The contest will be a jam format, and winner takes all. The winner of the AM event will be able to participate in the pro event. Entry into the contest is free. The contest has “limited spots” and you must be a sponsored skater to participate.

Free skate ramp sessions and practice times to be announced.

For more info go to www.skinartexpo.com.