Think With Google Analyzes the Fashion Trends of 2016


Using their search data, Think With Google has released a report detailing the fashion trends of 2016, and what we can expect to see going into 2017

These days, fashion is fast. Brands hardly have time to capitalize on one trend, before it’s out the door and the newest “must-have” item has taken its place. How can brands and retailers keep up in the fast-paced world of fashion? Will the non-stop trend cycle ever end?

If you’d like some concrete answers, look to Think With Google. The data-crunching, insight-providing service has released their take on 2016 fashion trends, and what to expect going into 2017. Using the seemingly endless data derived from Google’s search engine, Think With Google broke down consumer questions and searches, to bring us objective fashion trends to finish out the year. Sure, the runways might bring trends to us first- but Think With Google’s data gives us insight into which trends will last.

Photo: Think With Google

Photo: Think With Google

The main takeaway from the report: Bomber jackets are going to be huge. And that covers all ages. Popular search terms not only include men’s and women’s, they also include “”kids,” “baby,” and “toddler”- so expect to see kids rocking the style throughout the new year. Same with rompers- commonly referred to as playsuits in the U.K. Crossover from the adult market to kids’ fashion will continue with this staple.

Trends worth mentioning from the report include: 

  • Off the shoulder trends are staying strong.
  • Rompers continue to be a comfortable, popular trend.
  • Suede skirts are out. The relative newcomer has seen its peak in popularity.

Other trends to keep an eye on:

  • Kids’ clothes are more grown up than ever.
  • Consumers want clothes that are fashionable and functional.
  • One-style fits all isn’t going to cut it anymore. Shoppers want to take popular styles, and make them their own. Stylistic elements, different fabrics, and unique details are all key searches for consumers who want to stand out.

Why, you ask, does a report on mainstream fashion apply to the action sports market? Our industry is known for picking up on leading mainstream trends a season or two after they debut. We may never get to the point where we’re seeing suede skirts or off the shoulder tops appealing to our demographics, but it never hurts to keep an eye on what non-endemic brands are doing.

You can read the full report here.

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