This Week on “The Daily Habit’


Garrett McNamara and Keali'i Mamala and The Kooks – Monday 6.02.08
One of the most powerful tow-surfing teams, Garrett McNamara and Keali'i Mamala are droppin' in. Plus, from the surf film "Out There", Director Steve Jones and Editor Tate MacDowell tell us about the eco side of surfing. And, we are proud to welcome British import, The Kooks to the Habit stage. Keali'i Mamala's sponsors include: Da Hui, Osiris, Resin 8 Surfboards, Sobe Life Water, Utopia Optics and Hawthorne Cat. Garrett McNamara's sponsors include: Brewer/ Stretch Surfboards, Sobe Life Water, Don Joy Ortho, Sea Doo, Surf N' Sea.

Randall Harris – Tuesday 6.03.08
Today, West Side Rider team member, Randall "The Vandal" Harris hits The Habit. Plus, Jordan Morris and wakeboarders Nick and Julz Heaney go head-to-head at the Nintendo Wave House Party in San Diego, CA. Also, correspondent Andrea Savage hits the road with the cast of the Will Ferrell College Comedy Tour. Randall Harris's sponsors include: Quiksilver, Gator Boards, Rockstar, Arnette Eyewear and Malibu Boats.

Max BaillargeonMax Baillargeon, Morgan Burgess and Dizzee Rascal – Wednesday 6.04.08
Today, AM skater Morgan Burgess hits The Habit. Plus, all the way from Quebec City, pro snowboarder Max Baillargeon stops by. And, he's known for covering huge musical ground within the hip hop world, Dizzee Rascal is here. Max Baillargeon's sponsors include: Billabong, Etnies, Thirtytwo, Salomon, Dragon, I Found Headwear and Radical.  Morgan Burgess' sponsors include: Volcom, Alien Workshop, Kronik Energy, Tracker Trucks, Randoms, Type-S Eurothane, 187, Ninja Bearings and Mechanical Griptape.

Sean Mortimer, Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen – Thursday 6.05.08
Today, Chris Pastras is filling in for Pat Parnell. And, we get literary on The Habit with skater and author of the new book "Stalefish", Sean Mortimer. Plus, Sean's bringing some friends…street skating icon Rodney Mullen is here. But, that's not all; act now and you get the Birdman, the one and only Tony Hawk. You don't want to miss this rare opportunity to hang with these legends of skate and hear the stories they dig up today. Tony Hawk's sponsors include: Hawk Shoes, Birdhouse, Quiksilver, Jeep, and Nixon.  Rodney Mullen's sponsors include: Almost, Globe, and Matix.

Jerry Hsu and Cut Copy – Friday 6.06.08
We have good news today; Chris Pastras is still guest hosting and Transworld's 2007 "Skater of the Year" managed to pencil us in his schedule. That's right, pro skater Jerry Hsu is here. Plus, the indie, electropop band Cut Copy rocks it on our stage. Jerry Hsu's sponsors include: Emerica, Enjoi Skateboards, Bones Swiss, Ricta, Royal Skateboard Truck Company, CCS Mail Order and Mob Grip.