The Time is Ripe to Re-Think Digital Marketing Measurements

mobile apps concept

mobile apps concept

Mobile has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives; shouldn’t it impact digital marketing practices as well? Here are a few tips to help companies keep up

It’s no secret that today’s society is experiencing a mobile revolution. If you want your business to keep up, organizations have to understand the value of mobile, and how to adapt common digital marketing practices to keep up with mobile demand. What’s important to remember these days is that no channel stands on its own, and the brands that can do omni-channel advertising right will be the brands to have long-term success.

Think With Google used their unparalleled access to data to identify what it is that brands need to do to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve. Three important questions for every brand to consider: What matters for your brand, what’s working for your brand and what’s possible for your brand.

By starting off with brand goals, rather than jumping straight into data analysis, brands can identify the strategies and measurements that will best suit their brand. After identifying what your brand values and goals are, the next step is to consider what is already working for your brand, and to branch out, using new tools and solutions that align with your goals. The final step is to look towards the future: what is possible for your brand? What can you accomplish by thinking out of the box?

Here are the main takeaways from Think With Google’s research:

Consider what matters for your brand:

  • Figure out the business outcomes you care about
  • Set the right KPIs to measure those outcomes for today’s world
  • Align your teams to those marketing metrics and outcomes

Consider what’s working for your brand:

  • Recognize that not every marketing dollar can be measured perfectly
  • Use new tools and solutions to bridge the gaps
  • Try new estimates, where you don’t have an available solution

Consider what’s possible for your brand:

  • Don’t fixate on efficiency metrics and optimization
  • Look at digital’s holistic contribution to business results
  • Test the bigger questions

The over-arching theme throughout the research is that rather than focusing in on an industry standard to measure your data just because it’s a standard, try thinking outside the box when it comes to digital marketing. The landscape of digital marketing, thanks to advancements in technology and the continued rise of mobile, will continue to change rapidly. Growth is everywhere you look, if you know where to look for it.

You can read the full breakdown here.

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