Toes On The Nose Select Continues Artist Series For Spring 2013

Newport Beach, Calif., (January 2013) – Southern California-based Toes on the Nose continues its Select Artist Series in its Spring 2013 collection, featuring artist Sydney Hensler, whose designs capture the essence of her personal experiences and adventures.

The Select Artist Series collection features four exclusive designs from the artist and brand lifestyle ambassador who finds her design inspiration from the great outdoors. The Toes on the Nose Select designs include artsy blends of Hensler's recent trips, interest in Wild West nostalgia and surf slang.

"Some of my designs really are simply an observation and visual summary of the California surfing culture – while slightly mocking it," said Hensler. "While I'm guilty of partaking in the image-based lifestyle myself, I still think it’s amusing how much style and image play into surf culture, including the different layers between ages, mode of surfing and how what you ride may or may not determine your dress code and your posse. I like them all, all ages, all boards, all styles –  and I hope to reflect that in my designs."

The “Whale Shark,” a favorite of Hensler, was inspired by a Toes on the Nose surf trip to Costa Rica where Hensler and others had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks. Fellow Toes on the Nose lifestyle ambassador, Charlos Bentley was able to surf the shark by standing on its back and holding on to the dorsal fin –  thus the shirt name, "Charlos.”

An Orange County native, Hensler holds an Art and Graphic Design degree from San Diego State University. She began her journey at Toes on the Nose more than three years ago as a surf instructor and it wasn't long until she migrated into the Laguna Beach shop, where she worked as assistant manager putting her designing and merchandising expertise to work. Inspired by the art of longboarding, Hensler has been designing Toes on the Nose's Select Artist Series since her inaugural collection debuted in spring 2012.

Toes on the Nose Select is a highlight of Toes on the Nose's collaborations including their current Artist Series and One California Day Collaboration. For more information, visit

The collection retails for $30 and will be available at select retailers February 1, 2013.

About Toes on the Nose:

Toes on the Nose, a surf apparel company dedicated to the history and soul of surfing,  offers a wide array of products including men's, women's, swimwear, children's and accessories.  Inspired by the art of nose riding, John Severson, the renowned surf artist and founder/publisher of Surfer magazine, coined the phrase and designed the logo "Toes on the Nose" for his Surfer Quarterly magazine back in 1961.  The logo was used for an editorial column entitled "Toes on the Nose" depicting the classic maneuver of the surfer's toes hanging off the edge of the surfboard.  With Surfer magazine's blessing, Toes on the Nose was established in 1992 in Laguna Beach, California, with the mission to define its image through the definitive soul and style of longboarding.  Today, Toes on the Nose continues this tradition, catering to the surfer who wants the clean and classic style reflecting the simplicity of earlier times. Please, visit