Tom Schaar: ‘My First X’

Network A is debuting ‘My First X,’ a documentary following skate prodigy Tom Schaar, the 12-year old who landed the first ever 1080 and took the gold medal in the Asian X Games. The five part series will bring fans along as Tom gets ready for the summer X Games in LA. Get a preview of the series right here:

New York (June 25, 2012) – Today Network A premieres the first episode of "My First X," bringing viewers into the past three months of the life of Tom Schaar, the first-and-only skateboarder to ever to land a 1080 leading up to his dream of competing in the Summer X Games and beyond. Tom Schaar was a 12-year-old up and coming skateboarder slowly turning heads and gaining notoriety for his talents and ability to land 900s clean when on March 26, 2012, he brought his 900 around another 180 degrees, landing the first ever 1080—a goal not realized by any skater since Tony Hawk set the high mark with a 900 in 1999. With this feat, Tom's skateboard career was launched into orbit and immediately cemented him as one of the top vert and Mega Ramp skaters. From appearances on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," to an induction into the Guinness World Records, a gold medal run at Asian X Games, and signing sponsorship deals, Tom's life has been on absolute overdrive — "My First X" brings you along on his ride. Watch the premiere episode here:

Tom shares his excitement about the series, "When I landed the 1080 I thought it was pretty cool but had no idea all the cool stuff it would lead to. First I got invited to X Games then Network A wanted to do a show about my family and we had all these cameras following us – it's been crazy. I just can't wait to get to X Games and hang out with my friends."

In this episode, we meet Tom's family at his home in Malibu, California, check out his backyard ramp, find out why he decided to try the 1080, and see the excitement of Tom landing the first 1080 in competition at Asian X Games. Stay tuned as the 5-part series rolls out all this week on Network A.

Fans can cheer for Tom on Twitter using the hashtag #gotom