Tramp Stamp For Dumont Contest

Attention artists with a sense of humor: one of Rome’s graphic designers needs a tramp stamp.  Check out for inspiration.  Happy sketching!


Shawn Dumont didn't quit smoking. Now it's your turn to blow smoke up his ass with a "tastefully" designed tat. It's okay Shawn, it's only Henna.

Here’s the scoop:

February 5th, 2010

Might as well be a bull's-eye….

For those of who check out the Rome SDS Blog from time to time, you may or may not remember a little bet between a couple in-house guys over here.  If you don't recall, Ron bet Shawn Dumont, one of the in-house graphic designers here at Rome, that he couldn't quit smoking.  If Shawn did smoke, he had to get a henna lower back tattoo to shame him during the summer months.  (We pushed for a real tattoo, but his bottom lip started to quiver… so we let him off.)

Well, Shawn's back to rifling butts like a steam stack, and summer may have passed, but there's no way he's getting off the hook completely.  Since he's welched for a few months on the LBT, AKA, lower back tattoo, we figure that the interest paid on the overdue bet will be a more public humiliation… so we're putting the design in your hands.

Here's what you have to do:

– Design an ORIGINAL 1 color lower back tattoo for Shawn

– Make it horrible

– Entries must be in by Feb 22nd 2010

– Email the design to

From there we'll choose a winner and have a henna joint put your art above his ass crack.  Of course we'll provide photos for all to see to enhance the humiliation.

We'll also be hooking the winner up with a prize pack of goodies designed by Shawn Dumont, including a signed print of board art he's done, the Blast Movement gloves, the Damned Wallet, the Break belt buckle, the Zap T in a large,  and some Bushwood Gloves.