Transworld Business Partners with Skorebase To Create Exposure-Meter Social Media Index

Letter From The Publisher...


I wanted to give you an update about a partnership that's going to help expand one of Transworld Business's key franchises, the Exposure-Meter.

Starting immediately, Skorebase will be powering the Social Media portion of The Transworld Business Exposure-Meter. You can already see the most recent reports for Motocross, Surf, and Skateboarding that came out this week. The Skorebase system uses patented technology to rank each athlete across all important social media platforms, accounting for factors like total community, fan interaction, and potential reach.

These first reports are based on a somewhat limited sample size, but still give you a basic idea of what we'll be reporting moving forward. We've already synched our entire Exposure-Meter athlete database with Skorebase, so future reports will include data on every action sports athlete that we track. Top-line information for the top 10 athletes will be shown each month, but more detailed and customized reports will be available for purchase.

The Exposure-Meter has been, and continues to be, a critical metric in determining action sports athletes’ relevance in the media world. After seeing what Scorebase, and its parent company ReadyPulse, are capable of, I'm convinced that they're the right partner to help move forward and make the Exposure-Meter even more valuable for team managers, marketers, and executives within our industry.

This is another important step in our ongoing expansion of the Exposure-Meter to eventually include coverage of digital media, video, and feedback from the extensive GrindMedia audience. I look forward to updating you about all of that very soon.



Rob Campbell


Transworld Business