Kids Learn To Ride At TransWorld Motocross Slam Festival

Kids Learn How To Ride At TransWorld Moto Slam Festival

Kids Learn To Ride Day at TransWorld Motocross Slam Festival 2013


From TransWorld Motocross:

Take it from us: the first steps on the path to motocross greatness are the most difficult. Acquiring the bike and gear is a cost not for the faint of heart, and finding a riding area that is safe enough for a first ride can be a challenge.

This can be a deterrent to those looking to join a sport as thrilling as motocross, but thanks to Coach2Ride and TransWorld Motocross, the daunting task can be taken down in scale. At this year's TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival Powered By Rockstar Energy, Coach2Ride will bring their stable of bikes, gear, and talented crew of instructors to Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park and help any participant interested in learning the proper steps in the perfect setting - all free of charge - at the Kids' Learn-To-Ride area open from 8AM to 3PM.

Coach2Ride's program works for off-road riders of all skill levels, and their professional instruction places importance on safety and skill to new riders. At this year's event, they will focus on two particular skill levels and hope to have the next generation hooked on motocross.

The "True Beginner" lesson covers dirt bike riding fundamentals, including operation of controls and becoming "rider active" with the bike in both sitting and standing positions. This provides a solid platform of safety techniques for new riders. Once the basics are covered, the course focuses on proper cornering technique and overcoming hills. After discussing responsible and safe behavior on the trail, a ride finishes the day.

The "Novice" lesson takes off-road riding to the next level. This class is for riders who already possess motorcycle fundamentals (the basic operation of the controls), but would like to learn the intricate techniques needed to become a better, safer, and more accomplished rider. Several body positions necessary to become more "rider active" for each type of riding situation are covered and practiced, while cornering skills are honed. Students work within their comfort zone while remaining challenged at a safe level.

The programs and equipment offered by Coach2Ride in the welcoming environment of the TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival Powered By Rockstar Energy Drink make for the perfect first rides, and we can't wait to see the sport's next stars in action. Will one of them be someone you know? Find out at this year's TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival Powered By Rockstar Energy.