TransWorld Surf Welcomes William Sharp To Photo Team

TransWorld Surf magazine has a new addition to its photo crew. Ventura, California-based surf photographer William “Sharpy” Sharp is now officially on staff, covering the central California coast. TW Surf sat down with Sharpy to find out a little more about what makes him tick:

Dane Reynolds. Photo: William Sharp

Dane Reynolds. Photo: William Sharp

How long have you been shooting?
I started in the early '70s. Which I guess makes me an old guy…

Favorite subjects?

Pretty much anything that moves but I'm lucky to shoot Dane Reynolds on a regular basis. So, I'd say Daner…

Camera setup?

I was asked by Larry "Flame" Moore to switch from Nikon to Canon back in. I think it was the late '80s. So I've been a Canon guy ever since.

Favorite place to shoot?

That would have to be… no. Then maybe… not that either. Oh well, maybe any place that has good waves.

Last cover shot?

That would be a cutty of Dane Reynolds in El Salvador a couple of years ago for Surfing Magazine.
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