TWEAK Utilizing The Social Media Portal

HERMOSA BEACH, CA (July 27, 2010) – Bacon flops? Somehow a porcine-based, open-toed shoe doesn’t quite seem functional. Luckily, the new Mythical Shoe is being developed by TWEAK, the new lifestyle footwear and apparel brand based in Hermosa Beach, CA. In conjunction with the comedy duo and YouTube sensations, Rhett & Link, TWEAK has designed a sneaker/street shoe based on the form and function suggestions from more than 500,000 young,
contemporary consumers.

Utilizing the vast audiences of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, TWEAK has created a brand that takes the innovative ideas of young minds and translates them into forward thinking and relevant products. Their contemporary platform demands constant change, doggedly interacting with the consumer, accurately interpreting what is said and successfully translating it into new products.

“It’s not our brand…it’s your brand. Each shoe will be created by youth of today and in conjunction with relevant, modern entertainers and celebrities that speak to the 21st century consumer,” said Ric Long, president/CEO of TWEAK. “We want to create products that connect people and communities together by giving back their ideas and desires in a unique form.”

The masses have spoken and TWEAK took action creating the Mythical Shoe, a mid-top canvas upper with consumer-inspired detailing including embroidered mythical wings, a guitar pick pouch, and a transparent pocket on the heel for wearers to further customize and individualize the
design. The concepts for the Mythical Shoe, and others to follow, are drafted into unique designs by the TWEAK team, a slew of industry veterans from adidas, Nike, Reebok and other influential lifestyle brands.

Available for purchase on July 27th, the Mythical Shoe will be sold via the TWEAK website,

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Based in Hermosa Beach, CA, TWEAK is a lifestyle brand that translates into reality the desires and ambitions of young, contemporary consumers. Through interaction via social media sites, TWEAK connects relevant individuals to a community that supports and signifies modern youth culture, while creating a unique and culturally diverse product range.