VAS Entertainment Signs Three-Year/Three-Picture Deal with Standard Films

catch-the-vapors1.jpgVAS Entertainment, a company that creates and produces a wide range of action sports DVD’s, announced Friday, March 28, that it has signed a three-picture deal with Standard Films, makers of the world’s top-selling snowboarding film series “Totally Board 1-11,” according to an email from VAS Vice President Dan Strickland.

“It also involves television production and feature film development, so everyone is pretty stoked about it,” Strickland said via email about the deal. Standard has always been extremely independent – so signing this kind of contract is a first for them in their 19 year history.”

VAS Entertainment was purchased three years ago by a private equity group and have been rebuilding their credibility and resources by embracing the changing media landscape and branching out to establish an iTunes and Myspace presence. The company has also been working with other action sports brands, such as Burton and Redbull, according to Strickland.

Standard Films, which just released its most recent snowboarding video “Catch the Vapors,” is also known for producing television broadcast commercials for a variety of action sports related companies and products, according to its Web site.

For more information about VAS Entertainment, go to the company’s official Web site. To learn more about Standard Films, click HERE.