VholdR Launches First HD Helmet Cam

VholdR, a company founded in 2003 when University of Washington undergraduate students Marc Barros and Jason Green devised a simple helmet camera to record their exploits, announced its latest endeavor, the Countour HD. The new camera is the first HD helmet camera, records up to a 16GB memory card, weighs four ounces, and can fit on your goggles.

Click here to learn more about ContourHD.

The camera will retail for $300 and according to founder Marc Barros also “comes with Mac/PC software to make video really easy to download form the camera, clip the best parts, tag the videos, and with one button you can click to share to VholdR.com.  Once on VholdR you can publish to your Facebook page, Myspace, Twitter, etc.”

The CountourHD is now available. Contact VholdR for more information.