VIDEO: Target’s “The Way Up” With Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez Featured In The Final Episode Of Target’s “The Way Up”

Get inspired with Target’s final installation in their “The Way Up” video series featuring Paul Rodriguez. P-Rod describes how his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder came true from the beginning to the moment he could feel it was real.

Paul Rodriguez's technical style and smooth switch tricks win both X Games gold and internet respect.  From being a young fixture at his local skate shop to his start on City Stars and a fateful day of skating with his idol Eric Koston, he has quickly become one of today's most influential street skaters.  Paul explains the moment he knew he'd make it in skateboarding in Target's final episode of, "The Way Up," a new series, running on Network A

Episode six, featuring Paul, is now live, and closes out the series. Each episode of "The Way Up" focused on one athlete, showcasing their rise to stardom while pinpointing their exact breakthrough moments as professionals.  With more than a decade of involvement in action sports, Target continues to help athletes grow in order to achieve greatness.   "The Way Up" was shot and directed by Steve Berra.