Volcom: 2011/12 Outerwear Preview

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Outfit 1: Highscraper "T.D.S"™ GORE-TEX® Jacket #G0751101 $440, Boundary "T.D.S"™ GORE-TEX® Pant $370, Outfit 2: Women's Cinema Insulated Jacket $220, National Insulated VBJ Pant $250.

Outfit 1: Highscraper "T.D.S"™ GORE-TEX® Jacket #G0751101 $440, Boundary "T.D.S"™ GORE-TEX® Pant $370, Outfit 2: Women's Cinema Insulated Jacket $220, National Insulated VBJ Pant $250.

Retailer contact info:


Dutch Schultz: dschultz@volcom.com

Senior Outerwear Designers Patrick Field and Carolyn Simons and VP of Snow Dutch Schultz:

Senior Outerwear Designers Patrick Field and Carolyn Simons.

Senior Outerwear Designers Patrick Field and Carolyn Simons.

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what you are doing to meet them?

Carolyn Simons: 1. Women are demanding Technical Performance driven outerwear that looks good, gets inspiration from fashion trends, but without sacrificing features. One example, we have new stretch skinny pants; super comfortable, fully functional, with street inspired styling. New for 11/12 is our launch of Snow Volcom Brand Jeans.

2. Technical Features that cater to women specific. We are offering a 3L TDS® (Thermal Defense System) Gore-Tex® jacket has a slim silhouette, thermal paneling bonded to the inside that work with women's bodies natural producing temperate zones to create the most comfortable, all day, all mountain outerwear. Complete with super butter soft fur lining, extra high collar to protect your face from harsh winter elements, detachable, adjustable Face-Tech®.

3. Solid color combinations, tonal colored prints and subtle fabric surface interest.

Patrick Field: The first trend we are continuing to push is premiere performance at the specialty account level. We will continue to fine-tune our Zip Tech Technology®, introduce our updated removable Face Tech feature™, as well as evolve our "T.D.S"™ system within multiple garments and categories. Our goal is to continue to bring proprietary innovations and create tangible reasons for the serious snowboarder to seek out Volcom Snow from the retailers.  The current market requires freshness both technically and aesthetically.

The second trend we are seeing is the need to introduce new fits inspired by fashion and street-wear markets on outerwear pieces that still have all of the performance benefits of traditional fits. In 2011 we will be introducing select styles that feature our "Modern Articulated Pant fit". This is for the rider who prefers a little more room than the skinny fit provides, but likes a slimmer articulated shape. This fit features a slimmer leg with pre articulation built into the garment that conforms to the body's natural shape while riding as well as a classic higher rise. In addition, Volcom is also introducing a Drop Tail Jacket Fit in select pieces to assist in keeping all powder outside of the garment.

The third trend we are seeing is the need for continued innovative fabrications. To address this we are introducing the Volcom Branded Jeans collection into outerwear. Volcom has developed a technology where we can develop and produce a performance outerwear product in the same way we develop our Volcom Branded Jeans within snow specific garments. The product has the same feel and look of our street wear denim with detail such as sand blasting, hand finishing combined with resin coating and high quality DWR to keep our riders dry the same as traditional outerwear pieces.

What are the biggest changes in the outerwear market you're seeing for this winter on the business front?

Dutch Schultz, VP of Snow: We are continuing to see the consumer become increasingly more product savvy and require proprietary features and aesthetics in order in to purchase these products. With the existing economic times, consumers are spending but they have to be extremely confident with the value of the product(s) and how these products set themselves apart.

What fabrics, colors, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?

Carolyn Simons: All our fabrics are highly performance driven; Stretch fabrics, Fabrics with subtle detailing and bonded 3Layer fabrics.

Color: "Wild At Heart": Deep Cherry and Shadow Purple flirts with wispy yellow and Exotic Passion Fruit. Silver metals and Graphite bring an element of cool edgy attitude.

"Sargent Sugar Plum": Sweet, Playful, Sugar coasted, Sorbet inspired. Delicate pastels are grounded by earthy Green Military order.

"After Shock": The enchanted charms of childhood fantasy, magic charms and delightfully disorienting colors. Blazing, firey Crimson and Bright Yellow heat up a palette of Blue and Deep aqua.

Technologies: we continue to progress our TDS®, Face-Tech® and Zip Tech® features.

Patrick Field: Our process for developing outerwear fabric is based around performance, comfort ability, functionality in all weather conditions and unique aesthetics. In 2011 we will continue with our Gore-Tex® program as well as introduce our Limited Edition Volcom Branded Jeans collection as stated above.

In terms of colors, we are taking the tried and true Volcom direction. You will see bright youth driven colors contrasted with earthy tones. For 2011/12 we will be releasing three new color stories for men's: Bright Lights, Manic Panic, and Clear Cut. Bright Lights is a group of bright energetic colors where you will also see our tonal color blocking, while Manic Panic is a palette derived from our athletes.  Finally, Clear Cut is our color palette consisting of earth tones combined with some big pops.

In terms of new technologies, we focused on our four major innovations: V4S (Volcom 4Way Stretch) Face Tech™, "T.D.S"™ (Thermal Defense System) and Zip Tech®.

Face Tech™ PATENT PENDING: Allows you quick convenient access to face mask weather protection. Pull our engineered breathable comfort-shield over you face and get ready for true powder domination.

"T.D.S"™ (Thermal Defense System) PATENT PENDING: Creates maximum breathability and insulation through strategic 3-layer construction. By identifying temperate zones within your body this garment works with you to achieve total thermal comfort. Lightweight pack-able thermal down panels create heat and keep it in. Fleece backed 3 layer fabric regulates warmth, breathability, and air circulation. Zippered venting is used to release heat for a quick cool down system. Look for the first ever 3 layer down jacket, "The GIGI PÜF "T.D.S" DOWN JACKET" in 2010/11.

Zip Tech® US PATENT #7404214: Allows you to zip the powder skirt of your jacket to the pants – a simple idea that makes a world of difference. This feature will keep you dry and warm on a deep powder day and will keep away that mean ice burn during a slushy spring session.

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