Volcom Alum Hoby Darling Joins Nike

Seth "Hoby" Darling

Seth "Hoby" Darling

After playing an instrumental role in Volcom’s acquisition by PPR, Seth “Hoby” Darling, formerly Vice President Strategic Development, General Counsel at Volcom, is moving to Oregon to head up strategy and planning for Nike’s affiliate brands, including Hurley, Converse, Umbro, and Cole Haan.

Darling, 36, who guided Volcom through its IPO process in 2005 as a corporate lawyer with Latham & Watkins, left Volcom shortly after the acquisition by PPR. Darling will start his new role with Nike at the end of October and will report directly to Roger Wyett, president of affiliates at Nike.

Fins’ Joseph Walker caught up with Darling. Here’s an expert from the full interview:

Joseph Walker: Congratulations on the new job. What’s your role going to be at Nike Affiliates?

Hoby Darling: Nike has two sets of brands under Nike, Inc. One is everything that has the swoosh and the other is all the affiliates: Cole Haan, Converse, Inc., Hurley International, LLC, Nike Golf, and Umbro, Ltd. I’ll be heading strategic planning for the affiliates brands. There is a small leadership team at Nike Affiliates, including [President Roger Wyett; Chief Financial Officer Bob Woodruff and Vice President of Commerce Clare Hamill], all working with those brands to make sure they’re maximizing their brand and the relationship with Nike.

JW: You have experience in mergers and acquisitions from your time at Volcom and Latham & Watkins. Will you be helping Nike in that area?

HD: That’s a good question, one we’ll have to figure out when I get there. I’m coming from the outside and trying to add a lot of value, but there’s still a lot to learn.