WAAR Presents The Repurposed Collection

After what they have termed a tough, dirty and hectic journey, the folks over at We Are Runts (WAAR) are stoked to debut and begin shipment on the brand’s Fall 2012 Repurposed Collection. Read below get the story behind the Repurposed line straight from WAAR and check out the photo gallery of how the line was given life, from beginning stages to end product.

We were a bit unsure of how everything would work when putting this repurposed collection together. We'd seen plenty of item driven repurposed clothing one offs, but hadn't seen entire collections put together selling multiple pieces. We looked through a number of mold covered, dust ridden warehouses throughout the LA area searching for stock of surplus military garments. We knew we wouldn’t be able to facilitate huge volume, but wanted to produce an offering for more then just one person to enjoy. It took a ton of work, and insane amount of digging through decades of old military uniforms and garb, to finally be satisfied with the base of this collection. That was just the beginning.

We knew that most of these goods would need to be washed and sanitized to some extent, but we wanted to take it further then that. We adapted every piece in the collection, updating the silhouettes to be more wearable and current. Coatings and dye treatments were developed and applied, along with intermixing details between pieces. We transformed what once was used by any number of foreign countries as militant uniforms, into what we'd be stoked to wear at the pool, bar, wherever. We've gone as far as making camp shirts out of snow camouflage sniper drops and swim shorts out of 80's era military and NASA parachutes. It was a difficult balance between keeping the epic utilitarian and functional nature of the base product, but still pushing each piece into the modern realm.

Check out more of the finished products of WAAR’s Repurposed Collection here.