WATCH: Epokhe’s ‘Beauty Pockets’ With Agius, Coleburn & Creed McTaggart

‘Beauty Pockets’ is the first surf short from Epokhe eyewear, a new sunglasses brand headed up by pro surfer Dion Agius. The Epokhe crew released this brief recap of the making of the film:

The Pacific HWY played host. Strange things happen on the road, strange but beautiful. The view from a car window is hypnotic. A quick bolt from the Epokhe HQ in Byron Bay and the team found waves in the South Coast of Australia. The signing just months prior of Epokhe ambassador Creed McTaggart saw the team in need of some bonding. The Highway, a place where conversation is required. 7 days on the road, a small south swell, Big cities, bars, landscapes, isolation, lunatics and talents…anything that makes you stop and pull the camera out.

“It was cool to get back on the road with Dion and Mitch, we brought Creed along for this road trip. We had just signed him around a month before. The team needed some youth, someone to just run around, surf and hopefully be stoked on what we were doing with the Brand. Creed fit like a glove. He lit the old boys up on this onshore right slab. He is a product of a subculture and now he's part of this gang of friends running 'round shooting and making things.” – Kai Neville