WATCH: The Rise Of Superman Unveils First Episode On Defining The ‘Flow State’

Flow 101: Defining the Flow State and its Effect on Consciousness

New York Times best-selling author Steven Kotler is releaseing a new book, “This Rise of Superman,” and along with it a web series that follows extreme athletes like Laird Hamilton, Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, and Danny Way to get inside their minds in the “flow” of each of their sports. Watch the first episode above and get more information on “The Rise Of Superman.”

PRESS RELEASE – In Episode 1 of the Rise of Superman video series, some of the best flow-hackers in the world talk about how flow drives both their careers and their lives. As several of the people profiled in this video say: flow is their reason to live, the driving force behind their lives.

Because they spend far more time in flow states than most, these artists and athletes can speak fluently about the basics of flow: what the state does, how it feels, how it massively amplifies performance. We can call it Flow 101, and class is in session.

However, as you'll see in the video, flow isn't just about extreme sports. It's a state of optimal human performance that can be reached -- and often is -- by people from all backgrounds. Researchers now believe that the state of flow underpins most major achievements in science, arts, technology and sports. Flow is as much at work for a jazz musician improvising a solo as it is for a snowboarder riding an Alaskan face.