Weekend Snowboards 2011 Website Up

Weekend Snowboards

For those of you that have been sitting by your computers patiently clicking refresh and letting your worldly possessions and tasks pile up around you as if you were auditioning for the next episode of Hoarders, fear no more. The 2011 Weekend www.weekendsnowboards.com site is now up and operational, and here’s what people are saying:

“No board finder? What is this? The 1950’s?” – Guy born in the 1950’s

“Will it work on my Motorola Startac?” – Any person in Zimbabwe

“Is this thing on? It won’t load. Wait, there it goes…oh hang on…nope. Wait…what is this paper clip saying?” – Your Mom

Go and see for yourself, we’ll leave the door open for you, just lock up when you leave.