Westin Kierland Resort’s ‘Wave Master’ Search Underway

The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is currently seeking a candidate to fill quite an eccentric job position: a “Wave Master” to oversee the Kierland FlowRider boardsport simulator. Set to open in August of 2012, the FlowRider simulator will be a part of the Westin Kierland Resort’s Adventure Water Park. The resort’s nationwide search launched in conjunction with International Surfing Day on June 20, 2012.

Read on to learn more about the Westin Kierland’s search for the ultimate “Wave Master”:

Scottsdale, Arizona  – The national job search competition will have candidates competing for the rare opportunity to win a full-time job as "Wave Master" at the premier Scottsdale Resort for all things FUN, including Starwood's notoriously generous benefits package – all to have FUN and encourage guests of The Westin Kierland to have FUN too. Top candidates will compete through a series of rounds, ending in a surf-off for the job title of Kierland "Wave Master" on the Grand Opening weekend of Kierland FlowRider at The Westin Kierland.

 This unique job opportunity to surf every day, and teach others to flowboard comes with a full-time position with The Westin Kierland Resort benefits including medical, dental, 401k, annual incentive program, and Starwood discounts. The primary job description is to make sure everyone has FUN on Kierland FlowRider and the responsibility to manage the $2.4 million Kierland FlowRider and water park operation. The Kierland "Wave Master" must have a passion for boardsports, be a people-person, and a general zest for life is recommended. To review job requirements and submit a video, visit KierlandWaveMaster.com.

This job search competition is unique to other job applications, asking all who are interested to first submit a 1-2 minute video via YouTube or other online video sharing site showing why they should be considered for the Kierland "Wave Master" job, using creativity and personality to convey their passion for boardsports. Amateur videos are encouraged; surfing experience and skill is not required to apply. Video submissions will be accepted through July 23rd, 2012. The first round videos will be viewed by a panel of judges, and those who meet the "Wave Master" criteria will then be invited to complete a Starwood job application. The top candidates will complete interviews with the hiring panel. Finalists will be invited out to The Westin Kierland Resort where they will be involved in FUN competitions and a final surf-off on the grand opening weekend of Kierland FlowRider. Guests of all ages will have the opportunity to vote, and the candidate with the highest score from the hiring panel and public will be given the opportunity of a lifetime, and title of Kierland "Wave Master."

About Kierland FlowRider

"Flowboarding" is not just a ride, it is a sport, a 21st Century alchemy that has the look of surfing, the ride of snowboarding, the tricks of skateboarding, and boards derived from wakeboarding. Thrilling to ride, thrilling to watch, and designed to handle wipeouts. The FlowRider's waveform is a proprietary composite membrane ride surface that is designed to absorb the energy of impacts. Flowboarders may wipe out, but they'll get back up again and again and again. Boardsports such as surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding are skill-based activities that challenge riders to develop new tricks to emulate their heroes. The best part about the Kierland Flowrider is that no skill is required to flowboard for the very first time, thus making this latest boardsport appreciated by all ages. "Like" Kierland FlowRider on Facebook (facebook.com/KierlandFlowRider) or visit www.KierlandFlowRider.com for the latest FlowRider news and events.