White Noiz by Haydenshapes | Craig Anderson Model

White Noiz has landed–Craig Anderson’s new signature model by Haydenshapes

Leading Australian board shaper, Hayden Cox, and pro Craig Anderson collaborate on a signature model called White Noise. In a democratized manner of shaping, White Noise is designed to enhance playful short boarding in your everyday, smaller beach breaks. Here’s what Haydenshapes says about the model:

“Simple in it's DNA, White Noiz has been designed for everyday beach break conditions with added surface area and refined features in the foil and concaves to allow release and performance in the tighter areas of the wave.

White Noiz is a smaller wave performance shortboard that has been designed around Craig Anderson's feedback on this style of board. It's a playful shortboard with great sensitivity for any high performance surfing. It has been designed with Craig's personal preference of having a performance shortboard that is clean and simple in its DNA. Best ridden 1-2inches shorter as its plan shape has a little more surface area around the 12" marks in the nose and tail. It rides best in waves from 1-4ft (waist to head and half high).

The shape features smooth continuous curves in both rocker and outline allowing the board to feel comfortable in all parts of the wave with no surprises. It has a very balanced feel whether you’re a front or back foot surfer.

Concave is medium through out with a very clean fade out to both nose and tail. Slight double concave between the middle of your stance and through the front fin area give a nice directional acceleration to the bottom curve.”


The essence of Haydenshapes Surfboards revolves around science, construction, and innovation with a youthful injection of art and culture. Founded by Hayden Cox (creator of patented parabolic carbon fiber frame surfboard technology, FutureFlex), Haydenshapes Surfboards hails from Australia, sold globally in over 72 countries world wide, with manufacturing bases in Sydney and Los Angeles and Thailand. Through a team of some of influential professional free surfers (Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart, Dylan Graves, Cole Houshmand) coupled with Hayden's modern approach to surfboard innovation, Haydenshapes is currently one of the leading names in surf today. Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto is a 2 x SBIA Surfboard of the Year Winner in Australia (2014, 2015) and 2015 SIMA Surfboard of The Year Winner in USA.


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