WSF Announces Affiliated Membership Approval Of National Snowboard Association In China

PRESS RELEASE – The WSF announced that the China SNOWboard Association, CSbA (中国单板协会) is now an affiliated member of the World Snowboard Federation (WSF). Besides China, new affiliated member countries include South Africa, Bulgaria and Lithuania. The official voting for membership will take place during the 2013 General Assembly of the WSF in Prague, CZE. With 41 members on five continents, WSF is steadily working on developing snowboarding in all parts of the globe. Read the news on the official WSF site.

Wang Lei Photo: Dmitry Kiyono

Industry veteran Wang Lei will be spearheading all efforts to support WSF's activities in China. Besides providing an overall platform to progress the sport, responsibilities of the China SNOWboard Association, CSbA (中国单板协会) will include the development and implementation of instructor and coach certifications, as well as working closely with IJC to hold clinics in the region for aspiring judges.

Above all, CSbA is looking forward to support up and coming riders: "The support of talented young riders from China to enter a global stage is a top priority. Holding a World Rookie Tour event and other TTR sanctioned events for the local community in China in the near future gives us a promising kickstart." comments Wang Lei, President of CSbA, on the latest efforts in pushing Chinas presence in an evergrowing global Snowboarding Circuit.

The website will be launched in spring and then becomes your primary source for all things snowboarding in China.