Zeal Optics Signs New Team Riders Andrew Burns & Josh Mulcoy

Josh Mulcoy for Zeal Optics

Josh Mulcoy Joins Zeal Optics Roster of Surf Ambassadors

Words by Mike Lewis

Santa Cruz, California is legendary for breeding not just surfers, but true watermen—people that fall in love with the sea, developing a deep connection with the water and the many forms of life and fun that it brings—and this reputation comes in no small part from Josh Mulcoy's impact on the surf world.

Growing up in Santa Cruz, Mulcoy learned his craft early from his father, who instilled a love of the ocean and travelling that put Josh on a path to becoming not just a professional surfer and kiteboarder, but an all around waterman, human, and explorer.

"ZEAL fits what I believe in. I love the product and that ZEAL wants to reach out and find new things in life—not just the same locations people go everyday. The world is a big place and there is so much to explore." – Josh Mulcoy

Josh's passion has led him to some of the most pristine and untraveled breaks on the planet, and the fire to explore is what fuels his drive.

josh mulocy zeal optics

From the far corners of the earth to his backyard breaks in Santa Cruz, CA look for Josh rocking KENNEDY , or the incredibly versatile SNAPSHOT. Photo: Chris Burkard

"Finding new waves that people have never surfed in the Charlottes, Alaska, Scotland and a few other locations is why I love to travel," says Mulcoy. "It doesn’t happen too many times in your life that you find incredible waves no one has surfed before."

Whether you find Josh at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz or a deserted beach in the DR, Mexico, around the Pacific Northwest, or hard at work booking surf trips for people around the world with mulcoytravel.com, Mulcoy's drive to Explore More is contagious.

"I stay really motivated by the thought of my next trip," adds Josh. "I am excited to wake up every morning to check the forecast and see if anything has changed in the world. I have a few places I watch everyday waiting to go when the swells look right."

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Zeal Optics Welcomes Andrew Burns

Words by Mike Lewis

Andrew Burns, Zeal Optics

Andrew Burns, Zeal Optics

In snowboard circles, the Whistler Backcountry is legendary. The Mecca, a utopia, Shangri-La – this spot has an allure like no other. Straight out of high school, a young Andrew Burns heeded the call and has come to know and own this zone like few others in the sport's history.

"I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and shredding new terrain, but nothing, to me, will ever compare to Whistler and all it has to offer, both in the mountains and in the community," explains the Ottawa-raised Burns.

We caught up with Andrew to learn more about the Pirate Burns:

What are you into other than snowboarding? What motivates you?

I'm into all kinds of stuff: skating, lakes, BBQ, party time, friends, family – all that good stuff. You know what I love though? Golf! Me and the homeys get passes each spring – it's rad!

How'd you get into snowboarding?

I was on skis since I was so little, and eventually my mom said "Why don't you try one of those board things?"… I never skied again.

Why are you down with Zeal?

I really like the goggles and shades, as well as the company—ZEAL Optics is sweet! The HD Camera Goggle is a game changer. I do a ton of POV stuff with my ShipWrecked.tv series, and having a built in camera with a heads-up-display in my goggles is absolutely unreal!

What are your favorite goggles/sunglasses and why?

Well the HD Goggle for sure – getting those POV shots without any hassle. My favorite shades are the Brewer. They're just sweet!


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