Zeal Optics Sponsors Wheels And Waves

Zeal Optics Announces Partnership with Wheels and Waves 2013 in Biarritz, France

Press Release:

June 13, 2013- Boulder, Co. - Today ZEAL Optics announced their partnership with the Southsider's Wheels & Waves 2013.  Wheels & Waves is a celebration of classic motorcycles and surf in Biarritz, France throughout June 13-16. ZEAL Optics is proud to be the only eyewear brand that is a partner with Wheels and Waves, an event that highlights the collaboration and craftsmanship of a culture that transcends to many different parts of fashion and lifestyle.

While in France, ZEAL will be showcasing the new lifestyle collection, which has been inspired through the journey of people, creative minds and travelers worldwide.

 "We are excited to be a part of this year's Wheels & Waves," said Director of Marketing Joe Prebich.  "The vibe of the event is the perfect pairing for ZEAL's lifestyle collection - classic influence on new ideas and collaborations."

"Our brand is built to be here," said ZEAL Culture Specialist, Alex Dalton. "Eyewear is an important part of any look, from fashion to art to surf, eyewear is a part of it all. We spent the last year building our collection to embody the principles of design and craft that we see with Wheels & Waves and it's amazing to see the other brands like us from all around the world that share these same ideas."

Pulling together some of the most creative brands throughout Europe, Wheels and Waves is set to kick off this weekend at the Lighthouse in Biarritz, France. Starting with art gallery opening at Galerie 13 Avril in Biarritz featuring Brian Bent, Bill Phelps, Alberto Garcia, Alix & Alain Duplantier and an ode to 90 years of design with BMW.

The rest of the weekend is filled with rides through out the area, live concerts and exhibition of classic bikes, cars and vintage surfboards and eyewear.

For more information on the new lifestyle collection and Wheels and Waves, check out http://www.zealoptics.com/.