Zimtstern: 2011/12 Outerwear Preview


International: +41 43 311 32 32 , info@zimtstern.com

Canada: +1 (604) 997-4322, Flynn@salvationsales.com

Thomas Meyer, Owner and CEO


What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what you are doing to meet them?

· Streetwear-Look - More and more Snowboarders like to wear on the mountain what they feel comfortable in on the streets. Jeans & leather jacket, joggers & a checker shirt or customized snowboard pants & a hoody. Anything is possible and anything can be combined. The wilder the mix & match, the better: The clearer is your individual style statement. We were working on our cuts and fabrics to meet that trend and simply call our collection "This is the &". We combine Jeansy looks & technical performances, a hoody & a snow jacket, fashion & snowboarding. There's no limit!

· 80ies 2.0: Everyone runs away from these shrill neon-colored awfully composed alloverprints. But that's not everything that the 80ies have to offer. We believe in the romantic dark & the natural light colors.

· ECO: Eco ist still a big issue and it keeps us busy in finding new ways of sustainable production methods. We keep cooperating with bluesign technologies ag for our Outerwear of which 90 % of all processed fabrics are bluesign® approved.

· What fabrics, colors, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?

· Zimtstern & Fabrics: To achieve a streetweary vintage look we developed the pigment twill fabric. It is only being washed as entire jacket to reach the most authentic used look. For the CHOP line, the line that offers the most technical advanced styles, Zimtstern again trusts the Sympatex fabrics that provide the highest functionality & sustainable production.

· Zimtstern & Colors: We define 2 main color families: "Berry & the moon" containing candy, cherry, berry, dune and "Ocean & the Sea" describing the blueish color-family: navy, lagoon, royal, blue, pine, midnight, indigo & steel

· Technologies:

o Zimtstern & Fashion: We defined the streetwear-look on the mountain as a trend and adopted a lot of fashion trends in our outerwear. The Womens Snow Jacket "Marge" has an extra-wide collar to fit a huge scarf underneath and zips at the bottom of the long fited help to adjust the comfortable waist width.

o Zimtstern & ECO: Inspired by one of the most fatal ecological catastrophies, the BP leak poisoning the gulf of mexico we decided to try to make a jacket with non-oil based components such as cotton, metal, wood and natural rubber. The concept jacket for Men is an all natural jacket with no synthetic components used for the production.

· What are pricepoints doing?

· We try to keep the price points for 11/12 on the same level as 10/11 even though the manufacturing costs in Asia increased. We offer anything between entry price level up to premium. In fact we offer the perfect outerwear for snowboarders at any price level.

· How have you responded to the current market and the decrease in prebooks?

· We are in the lucky position that against the global trend of the industry we were able to increase in prebooks. We believe that a well-thought-out product at a reasonable price will always be preordered. Our customer belief in Zimtstern as a consistent marketable brand.

· Have you changed your distribution at all from last season? Why or why not?

· For the season we 10/11 we started to work with Jason Flynn at Salvation Sales as a sales rep in Western Canada. As the collaboration started successfully we are planning to expand our net of sales reps in North America.

· What's in your crystal ball for 2010/11?

· We can see tons and tons of fresh snowflakes dropping early in the season. That makes everyone happy: the riders & the customers & the retailers & the brands !

We like snow balls, not crystal balls!