Zumiez Appoints New Board Of Directors Member

Zumiez announced today the appointment of a new member to its board of directors’s audit committee. Ernest R. Johnson will serve as the board’s Class III Director until the company’s annual 2014 meeting of shareholders, at which he will be up for re-election, according to an official statement on Zumiez Investor Relations website :


Mr. Johnson, age 60, has served as the Chairman of Cutter & Buck Inc. and President and Chief Executive Officer for New Wave USA Inc. since November 2009. From February 2006 to November 2009, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Cutter & Buck. Mr. Johnson was also a Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Cutter & Buck from November 2002 to February 2006. Prior to joining Cutter & Buck, he worked 29 years in several commercial banks holding various senior accounting and financial positions. Mr. Johnson holds a BA in Business Administration-Accounting from Washington State University.

There are no arrangements or understandings between Mr. Johnson and any other persons pursuant to which Mr. Johnson was selected as a director. There are no transactions since the beginning of the Company’s last fiscal year, or any currently proposed transactions, with the Company to which Mr. Johnson was or is to be a party, in which Mr. Johnson, or any member of his immediate family, has a direct or indirect material interest.