OIA releases report on outdoor recreation spending in US

Each year, the Outdoor Industry Association releases their report detailing annual outdoor recreation spending in the US.

The OIA released their initial report for 2017 this spring, and last week, followed up with 50 state reports that build upon the initial data, and bring clarity to each state’s results.

The association has put together an interactive map that lets users toggle between states, displaying statistics on jobs, consumer spending, wages and salaries, and state and local tax revenue generated by the outdoor industry.

GearJunkie pulled some of the most intriguing statistics from the data – notably, that Florida tops Colorado in consumer spending, California spends but doesn’t participate, and Alaska and Montana basically live outdoors.

According to the report, while most would consider Colorado the leading state when it comes to outdoor recreation participation and spending, Florida more than doubles Colorado’s consumer spending, with $58.6 billion generated compared to $28 billion.

One wonders if next year’s report will see a shift in that standing; Colorado recently became the new home of the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, which is sure to generate millions for the state’s economy.

California has consistently led the charge when it comes to consumer spending on outdoor recreation, but how does the state’s participation compare?

It turns out that compared to its spending, California has a significantly lower participation rate than expected. While the Golden State generated $92 billion last year, participation rates came in at 56 percent, compared to Nebraska’s 61 percent.

While they may have some of the smallest populations in the country, both Alaska and Montana lead the charge when it comes to time spent outdoors. According to GearJunkie, 81 percent of people in each state recreate outdoors more than anywhere else in the country.

For more information, and to see how your state stacks up, check out the full state-by-state report here.

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