Outdoor Retailer announces move to Denver

After months of speculation, on Thursday Outdoor Retailer officially announced that Denver, CO will be the new home to all shows that fall under the OR umbrella, which include “Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.”

Outdoor Retailer moves to Denver

According to a press release sent out by the show organizers, “The shows will stage at the Denver Convention Center beginning in January with the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, January 25-28, 2018. Outdoor Retailer Summer Market will be July 23-26, 2018 and Outdoor Retailer Winter Market will be November 8-11, 2018.”

The move follows what has been a turbuluent relationship between the outdoor community, the Utah government, and the show organizers, which reached its climax earlier in 2017 when major brands including Patagonia, PolarTec, and more announced they were pulling out of showing the event unless something was done to rectify misaligned goals between the outdoor community and government officials.

The competition to host the future shows was fierce, with many cities vying for the opportunity. The Denver Post reports that the trio of shows draw “85,000 people a year, delivering the city a $110 million economic impact.” During his announcement of the deal Thursday morning, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said, “What we're saying today is that we're in this for the long term. We're going to continue to try and talk about the importance of outdoor recreation in Colorado. Henry David Thoreau once said all good things are wild and free. We believe that in Colorado.”

Outdoor Retailer moves to Denver

Venture Out is a gathering of emerging, forward-thinking brands at Outdoor Retailer. Photo: John Pangilinan

According to the statement from Marisa Nicholson, show director of Outdoor Retailer, “Denver was selected not only because it met the logistical criteria to host a successful show (we expect to bring more than 85,000 attendees annually, across three shows), but also because the state of Colorado shares the industry's passion for outdoor recreation and preserving public lands.”

There will be a live Q&A event at the Summer 2017 show, in which Nicholson will sit down with Amy Roberts, OIA's executive director and Rich Hill, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance president, to talk about the transition, and what it means for the show, and community as a whole.

You can read more details on the announcement here.

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