2000 Alp Challenge Results from Innsbruck, Austria

The results from the 2000 Alp Challenge in Innsbruck, Austria are in. All the action took place on the weekend of June 23-25. From the sound of it everyone was skating well and making use of every obstacle on the street course, but no one could out perform the first run of Carlos de Andrade. And even though Bob Burnquist pulled out all the stops for his runs it wasn’t enough to overtake first place winner Andy Macdonald. Congratulations to all the top finishers. For more information visit the Alp Challenge Web site: alpchallenge.com.


Street Final

1. Carlos de Andrade

2. Kerry Getz

3. Kyle Berard

4. Ed Templeton

5. Fabrizio Santos

6. Wolnei Santos

Vert Final

1. Andy Macdonald

2. Bob Burnquist

3. Cristiano Mateus

4. Buster Halterman

5. Pierre Luc Gagnon

6. Brian Howard