2000 RUSTY XCEL PRO – Postponed For Surf.

Rusty/XCEL Pro postponed todaylarge swell looms on the horizon

Sunset Beach, Oahu, HAWAII (November 2, 2000) – The Rusty/XCEL Pro ispostponed for today. Surfers and organizers are watching the forecast asseveral swells loom on the horizon going into the weekend.

Two separate sources are forecasting a swell due this Friday and Saturday inthe 3′ to 4′ range. Another 6’swell is expected on Monday through Tuesdayfollowed by a bigger swell pushing 10 to 15′ plus surf over Wednesday andThursday next week. Surf in this size would prove the the Rusty/XCEL Pro tobe a true “power surfing” event.

The Blue Torch Television crew is here in town to catch it all. With theNorth Shore bustling with the worldâ??s best surfers, and large surf on theway, Blue Torch will be shooting lifestyle and free surfing until competitionbegins in the Rusty/XCEL Pro. During the event, Blue Torch T.V. will focuson shooting heats and conducting in depth interviews, promoting many of thelocal Hawaii surfers as well as national and international talent.

Blue Torch Television airs on the West Coast and in Hawaii. See futurereleases for details on scheduled airing times for the Rusty/XCEL Pro and theHawaii segment.

Surfers and spectators can call 596-SURF (596-7873) for daily updates andstatus on the event.