Boa Technology: 2012/13 Snowboard Boot Preview

One of Vans's new line featuring Boa Technology

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Questions answered by Global Category Manager, Vincent Connolly

How has Boa's role in the snowboard boot market evolved since it was first introduced?
Boa is fortunate to be working with almost every top snowboard brand in world.  Boa has evolved over the last 11 years into a component brand with multiple new product offerings and great collaboration with progressive brand partners that continue to push the limits of snowboard boot design and fit.

Boa is now being utilized in entirely new ways addressing vast types of closure stemming from the proven Single Reel and Focus (Zonal- Dual Reel) solutions to all new In Step, Canopy, Internal and Lace Assist options.

We owe a lot to the retailers that continue to add Boa models due in part to healthy sell through success and our Dialed in For Life Guarantee- providing the end consumer with complete confidence.  Additionally, Boa continues to see top athlete endorsement in the Snowboard Category.  We're encouraged to see Olympians and X Games athletes choosing the system.

Are you introducing any new technologies for the 2012.2013 season?
Yes, we have new reel platforms this season. This is our 7th generation reel platform called the H3. We've redesigned this platform with:

  • Smaller visual footprint and overall size yet with slightly more power than the previous reel
  • Precision feel and function
  • No special tools required for on the fly repair or maintenance in the backcountry or at the resort.
  • Expanded custom colorization options

We also have a new Mid Powered Reel named the M3, aimed at our fastest growing segment which is our Dual Reel (Zonal) solutions.

  • This new reel platform compliments our dual reel offering while enabling price segmentation across the line.

Have you seen any new trends in market segments that are relying on the Boa system (i.e. freeride, children, entry-level, etc.)?
Our customers are looking for more bang for the buck with performance oriented Focus and Multiple Reel boot options.  Our new Reel Platform was specifically designed with this customer in mind and you'll see a much broader price range for these products.   Many of our forward thinking boot partners are utilizing our closure system in more hybrid configurations- so you'll see more Lace/Velcro/Boa Combo boots in the marketplace addressing the needs of each segment.