Celsius: 2012/13 Snowboard Boots Preview


Rexford - $159; Cirrus - $219


Questions answered by Brand Manager, Jason Kimball

What overall trends are you seeing in the boot market?
More continued focus on separating Men’s and Women’s. Each segment wants something directly built and made for them. A girl does not want to ride a boot that is just essentially a smaller men’s boot. We build our women’s boots on a true female 1-1 last and an outsole designed specific to the women’s feet.

How has your approach to lacing systems evolved in the past few years?
More and more focus on the development of Speed Lacing and less use of BOA. We developed our own Lacing system a few seasons ago and continue to put a lot of work into developing and making our O.Zone Speed Lacing system even better. There is also still a very large group that prefers traditional lacing and always will and we make sure we have that covered for our customers as well.

What new construction techniques, technologies, or fabrics do you anticipate breaking out next year?
We see more and more people incorporating eco-friendly and/or recycled materials into products. We brought that years ago with the use of Hemp in our Climate line and continue adding and developing new materials and features to make a better product and do it in a way that is better for the environment.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics and colors?
Just like in outerwear it seems that most people gravitate to the more solid colors, usually black or white when it comes to boots. There is also the crowd who likes something a little bit louder and likes to make a statement, kind of like the sneaker freaks. We always have something for both and enjoy creating a couple special colorways that def stand out. Our snowboard footwear line was developed with the look and feel of your favorite skate shoe in mind.