éS Team News Update

It is sad to say that Ronnie Creager no longer rides for éS footwear. Afriendly and mutual agreement has been made to part ways and we feel thatthis is a positive decision for both Ronnie and éS. Everyone at éSfootwear has full respect and admiration for Ronnie and we wish him thevery best for the future.

In other news, Rick McCrank has found a second home in Portland, Oregonand has been accepted as a local at Newburg Skatepark. McCrank claims itis the best Skatepark ever built. Rodrigo Teixeira has been skating andshooting photos for upcoming éS ads. Rodrigo’s new ad has him doing aswitch backside tail slide down an 8-stair handrail.

éS is proud to help finance Bob Burnquist’s 120′ long vert ramp – the most amazing creation of the new millennium! Photos coming soon!

Hey, are you sick of the lack of Brazilian vegetarian food in North County, San Diego? Who isn’t. Well, Bob Burnquist is doing something about it. In addition to the mind blowing vert ramp Mr. Burnquist has erected, Bob is also premiering a new restaurant called Melodia and promises to serve the finest in Brazilian vegetarian faire. Melodia is located in Vista and will be opening it’s doors in early May.

New éS team member Paul Rodriguez is an amateur who can easily out skate most pros. Discovered by Eric Koston and approved by the rest of the team, he has proven to fit the stringent skills of the éS team. While most 16 year olds are still getting their kickflips and heelflips down, Paul can effortlessly nollie heel crook handrails, and switch heel 14 stairs. He has pulled off a switch flip down 14 stairs in LA for his first éS ad and is working on tricks that are even stunning Koston. We’d tell you what the tricks are, but you’ll just have to wait. Prepare yourself for Paul’s amazing footage on the new éS DVD (available soon).

Watch the ESPN awards to see if an éS team member takes home the skateboarder of the year award. Nominees from the éS team are Eric Koston, Bob Burnquist, Rick McCrank and Arto Saari.