4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Why did our readers pick Jackson Hole as one of the top places to ride in North America? Terrain, baby. With a vertical drop of 4,139 feet and 2,500 ridable acres plus unlimited backcountry, it has some crazy-steep, ass-whoopin’ lines.

“This mountain will challenge everyone who rides here, but it will make you a better rider,” says Shannon Brooks, communication assistant for Jackson Hole.

The rugged, Old West vibe both on and off the hill offers a pristine mountain experience. “It’s actually a lack of “maintenance” on the part of the resort that makes the terrain so incredible,” Brooks says. Of course, Jackson has groomers, terrain parks, and other features for riders of all levels.

Yet, with the high rating from readers for challenge, it’s no wonder Jackson Hole is the stomping grounds of so many pro riders. “There’s always something to step up to, to push yourself on, no matter what your level,” says local pro snowboarder Rob Kingwill. “It also dumps tons and is steep enough to always have speed to get where you’re going. The open out-of-bounds policy makes it so you never have to cross your own tracks–ever.”

Because the riding is so good, the nightlife in Teton Village tends to suffer. Although there’re seven restaurants and six bars (such as the Mangy Moose, where you can check out live music during the winter), Kingwill agrees with our readers: “The nightlife does suck. That’s because everyone’s so worked after riding all day that no one wants to go out. By the way, if you come to town, please bring lots of girls.”

–Robyn Hakes