4 Way Fin System At Surf Expo

So you’ve heard about the dynamic Fourwayfinsystem–4WFS, or perhaps you’re only now finding out about a fin system that goes way beyond what most systems have been able to provide up to now. A system that offers not only the basic ability to remove your fins for ease of travel but also, through the patented InterDisc, has:

-Unique breakpoints designed to cushion the effect of forward impact to such an extent that it protects your board from damage in even the most serious of collisions. No need to keep visiting your local ding repair shop and have your board out of commission for days on end, not to mention the cost. And no need to perform hasty and messy repairs during your dream island surf adventure. So your system becomes far more durable and the board’s lifespan increases automatically!

-The ability to adjust the horizontal placement of all fins by 3/8 of an inch;

-The ability to adjust toe-in and toe-out up to its maximum functional level, with a built in safety mechanism that prevents over rotation;

-The ability to adjust fin splay / cant by individual degrees, either inwards or outwards;

-A selective yet comprehensive range of foils in a number of specialist materials and flex patterns.

-The ability for your shaper or knowledgeable shop steward to provide a market differentiating added value service to their customers using the relevant adjustability options where necessary. Giving select shapers an edge in a highly competitive global industry;

-A fast and efficient installation procedure that’s an absolute pleasure to work with;

-A system that doesn’t come through the top deck, eliminating the need for unappealing grip cutaways or intensive impact related repair jobs.

Or perhaps you are just tired of carrying around a ton of fins to your favorite surf spot, making a small but impressive dent in your wallet to boot!

But you still can’t believe that a system that offers all this is now an affordable reality and internationally available? It’s not possible I hear you say…

Well it is… and now it’s waiting for you to get up real close and personal with the product and the team behind it. Come visit us at America’s leading surf and sport trade shows –

Florida’s massive surf expo from 7th January 2005 to 9th January 2005 at booth number 1729 (visit surfexpo.com),

And California’s impressive surf convention from 14th January 2005 to 16th January 2005 at booth number 614 (asrbiz.com)

But it doesn’t end there either… We are constantly exploring avenues to further enhance and improve our product offering using the feedback received from respected shapers and surfers around the world. For us this is just the start of a journey that’s both exciting and boundary breaking.

4WFS will be keeping you posted over the next few months on some new exciting developments including further groundbreaking adjustability options, retail enhancements and a complete web site upgrade.