60-Second Sell: Nixon’s The TPS Speaker

We caught up with Nixon’s Senior Marketing Manager Meg Brunner to find out more about The TPS Speaker— which has been on the market for a little more than six months and is carried by core action sports shops and select audio retailers—and how the brand  is making a marketing push for the product in the coming months.

Explain how The TPS works and the reason behind launching it:

Conversations that later inspired the development of The TPS began at a roundtable during The Nixon High Tide Hold 'Em held in Tavarua in 2009 with team riders Bruce Irons, Tony Hawk, and others. The idea and development of The TPS came to be based on the lifestyle of our pro team and the crew of people who work at Nixon. Music is a huge part of our everyday lives and we spend a considerable amount of time on the road, in hotel rooms, at the skatepark, and at the beach. That said, you can take and use The TPS with you in all of those environments. It’s built tough and compact meaning you can throw it in your bag and go. It features an extruded aluminum body and a sand/debris resistant acoustic screen. The TPS is meant to work with your iPod, iPhone, laptop…whatever your media player of choice is. It also boasts a six-hour rechargeable battery life and features an expandable system, meaning you can hook up two TPS’s for stereo sound making it the ultimate travel party solution (TPS)

Why do you think there is a place for this in the market right now?

The TPS speaks to our mobile, get-up-and-go lifestyle—and there is space in the marketplace to cater to that on-the-go audiophile. The TPS speaks to that consumer.

What other marketing campaigns will we be seeing around this product, or other exciting events geared around new technology from Nixon?

The TPS has been a favorite with our pro-team and their contributions and ideas very much aided in the development of this product. Now that The TPS is in their hands and in market, you’ll be seeing (or have seen) viral/social media buzz around this mobile speaker. On the marketing side we created The TPS reel as well as print and online advertising support across surf, skate and snow media channels. Additionally, Nixon's TPS was the recipient of the 2012 red dot design award.

Looking ahead we’re really excited about new audio products directly developed for the action sports market. Again, these new and upcoming audio pieces were directly developed with our team riders, which holds true to Nixon’s mantra of “Team-designed, Custom-built.” We’ll be debuting those new audio products during CES [Consumer Electronics Show] in January 2013 in Las Vegas.