A Couple Helmets

Axis Rage $135
An O.G. helmet-maker from way back, Boeri has outfitted pros and racers since the day. That means they make more models than an army would need, yet it also means more selection and a mess of features. The Axis Rage is a low-cut version of their full-wrap lid. The venting is minimal but adequate, with ingeniously removable ear and neck flaps made of temperature-regulating Outlast fabric to wear and breathe nicely. With beefy leather straps and a riveted liner, this one is well put together. But the style question begs—why the reservoir tip up top?

Fit: Comfy.
Feel: Fluffy.
Look On: “Warm air exhaust vent” blows aesthetic.
Removable Earflaps: Yes.
Venting: Minimal but adequate.
Goggle Security: Maximum.

Semi-Automatic $89
K2 has joined the helmet war and is aiming to win. It’s aptly named offering provides all the protection of a combat lid. There’s extended coverage for your skull, and the durable-but-light plastic would ward off the most serious impact. Still, the Semi-Automatic feels low-key enough not to impede action. The plush, fleece chin strap and adjustable lining wear quite well. Venting comes courtesy of a “Passive Labyrinth” system, piping air in while keeping snow and rain out. There’s a sliding closure regulating the flow, so it’s ready to rumble on a hot, summer day.

Fit: Standard issue.
Feel: Action-packed.
Look On: Alpine combat vet.
Removable Earflaps: Yes.
Venting: Plenty to fight on.
Goggle Security: Survives heat of battle.

Skycap $100
As it figures, Burton’s R&D was on the helmet tip early, and their original offering under the Red label, the Skycap, remains available. Not much has changed in the design, which makes for a little higher rise on the noggin than more sleeked-out models. Still, its polyethylene shell is lightweight, the inner padding is removable, and the adjustable venting—two in front, two in back—flows through plenty good. The earflaps aren’t removable, which contributes to its bulbousness, and the goggle closure needs a re-design, but all in all, the Skycap should send you safely on your way, wherever that may be.

Fit: Suitable.
Feel: Framed.
Look On: Airbus pilot.
Removable Earflaps: No.
Venting: Substantial flow-through.
Goggle Security: Sketchy—not the cleanest operation.