A Look Back at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games

Without getting to caught up in the in’s and outs of corporate online snowboarding sites, let’s just say that the people behind part of what has become TransWorldSnowboarding.com didn’t have access to the games the way they thought they should. In fact, they didn’t have any media credentials at all. They thought it was so important, however, that they did anything they could to cover the events in spite of those limitations.

In light of recent events the choice of using para-military graphics and “guerrilla” style media tactics seems offensive, but at the time, it was just a way of getting across the point that we were outsiders trying to cover the games.

That said, check out the coverage and relive the 1998 Winter Olympic Games from Nagano Japan.

Click here for coverage of the 1998 Olympic Games from Nagano.