Alex De La Peña Becomes A Free Agent

In order to focus more time on his Dot Progex freelance design firm, Alex De La Peña has decided to leave his position as head designer at Ezekiel.

“I’m excited about getting out and growing my own company,” says Alex. “I look forward to being able to go into a company that’s perhaps a bit stagnant and offer them something new — without them having to hire a full-time designer and pay for the associated overhead costs. We’re a full-service design firm — apparel, bags, shoes, creative. You name it, we can do it. Everything from design prototypes through production.”

Alex had been been with Ezekiel since almost the beginning, and worked closely alongside his brother Vince who’s the president of the company.

“Sure, it’s a bit bittersweet leaving Ezekiel,” admits Alex. “It’s family over there and I love the brand. In many ways Ezekiel has been my life’s work and so I’m a little bummed to let that go. However, it’s exciting to start a new chapter in my life and it will be great taking everything I’ve learned at Ezekiel and applying it to my own company.”

Although Alex is leaving Ezekiel, retailers shouldn’t expect the line to veer off in a new direction says Royce Cansler, Ezekiel national sales manager. “The design of the line has always been a collective effort,” says Cansler. “Although Alex designated the main emphasis and direction, it’s always been a group effort.”

“We’re at the point where our business is really taking off,” continues Cansler. “Our spring bookings have doubled and competition is fierce — we need to stay sharp so we need a designer who’s in-house on a full-time basis. But I also understand Alex’s desire to build his own business and branch out into other areas. We certainly wish him the best.”

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