Anarchy Sunglasses 2012/13 Preview

McCoy $45.00 MSRP

Malice $45.00 MSRP


Kevin Powers, Sales Manager
(401) 719-2246
What trends will we see in next season’s line? I think retro is still running strong. Next season you will see a lot of retro styling returning to the market place. The other big trend is bright colored mirrors. They were popular this season and will continue to be seen a lot next season.

What changes are you seeing at retail/on the business side? Retailers are more cautious about the brands they are choosing to represent these days. I think their dollars are tighter and that finds its way to all categories in their stores. Plus the selection for eyewear brands is probably at its highest point. With so many brands to choose from, the retailer is very careful about how they choose their mix at retail.

What were your greatest successes in 2011? 2011 saw a nice bump in growth not only with us but the category seemed to see growth as well. New venues for sales both online and at the store level really helped and better same store sales kept us in the game strong.

What are your projections for next season? I think next season will be a nice one. It feels like the purchasing power is getting stronger and hopefully translates into a stronger accessories category as a whole. Glasses are getting more fun and creative and the consumers now have lots of choices.

What additions are you making to the line? what won’t we see as much of? We are adding more artist coops and and a lot more bright mirror lenses.

Where are prices and margins heading for you? We have consolidated to two price categories only for 2012. To keep it real simple and easy we now have all non polarized styles at $45 and polarized at $65. This maintains our margins and the retailers while keeping the program easy to manage.

What is the breakdown looking like for men’s and women’s SKU’s? We have quite a few unisex styles in Anarchy. Female styles are not our main focus but, we have created a handful of styles for both men and women.

Are the number of SKU’s in your line expanding, contracting, or staying the same? Why? Our line is strongest at about 24 styles in it. It is easy to manage, easy to show and easy to sell. We have done a really good job at removing styles that do not move well and replacing them with ones that do.