Anon Signs Nico Droz And Lukas Huffman

BURLINGTON, VT – In efforts to bolster its current team roster, anon optics recently recruited riders Nico Droz and Lukas Huffman to its ranks. Nico and Lukas will represent anon on the mountain and assist with goggle development.

Originally from France, Nico Droz has a skate-influenced style and is widely hailed one of the top technical freestyle riders in the world. When anon representatives sat down to hash out which riders they wanted to recruit, Nico’s name was at the top of the list. Nico is also psyched to be on the anon team. “I’m stoked to ride for a goggle company that’s going to listen to my feedback and use it,” says Nico. “This is the goggle for snowboarders.”

Lukas Huffman is from Montpelier, Vermont. For the past couple of years, he’s made Whistler his home. Lukas had good things to say about joining the anon team. “We have input in all aspects of the company,” said Lukas. “They take us seriously, which is a great thing.” Being a part of the anon team has an added bonus for Lukas. “Now that I ride for anon, I have an excuse to hang out with all of my friends.”

Both Nico and Lukas were chosen for the anon team, by the anon team. Their input and feedback will help anon develop optimal goggles for snowboarders.