Aspen Courts Snowboard Industry At SIA Show

The newly liberated Aspen Mountan (Ajax) will not only open itself to snowboarding from April 1, but Aspen Ski Company has reached out to the snowboard industry with an offer designed to jump start its new orientation as a snowboard mecca.

From April 1, the day when the slopes of Ajax are officially integrated, any legitimate snowboard company is invited to bring its team and photographers to shoot on the mountain. Aspen Ski Co will pick up the tab for tickets and accommodations.

“Whether it’s for editorial or for brochure shoots, we would like the snowboard world to consider Aspen in April as a place eager to extend its hospitality,” says Aspen PR Director Rose Abello.

Aspen will keep its terrain park at Buttermilk fully groomed and open for the industry after April 1 when it closes to the general public.

“We want everyone, the industry and ultimately the public to know just how good our facilities are,” says Director of Snowboarding Kevin Byford. “Our pipes and parks at each of our mountains easily rival anything in Summit county.”

During the SIA Show in Las Vegas, Aspen Ski Company exhibited with a booth on the main show floor and was one of the few ski areas ever to do so. At an industry VIP breakfast, the resort handed out free season passes to all attendees. ASC also rented the Imax theatre at the Luxor for two showings of a Bogner produced and sponsored ski and snowboard film.

—Matthew Kreitman