Backside Lipslides with Eric Koston

Trick Tips
Backside Lipslides With Eric Koston

1. Roll up to the obstacle with a medium amount of speed and at a slight angle.

2. Start your ollie with your shoulders parallel to the object. This helps make it easier to turn backside.

3. As soon as your back truck clears the rail, start turning backside.

4. By this point you better be committed or you’re going to get hurt.

5. One of the most awkward things about this trick is it’s hard to see where you’re going.

6. Try looking over your shoulders down at the ground for a reference point to see where you are.

7. Once you see the end, start turning it back.

8. If you turn your shoulders, your board should follow.

9. Extend your legs to absorb the impact.

10. Try to land as straight as possible.

11. Get your balance.

12. Backside noseblunt slide?