Baker Finally Has A Deathwish


Terry Kennedy, Lizard, and Slash have all spilled the beans at one point or another. The Internet was buzzing with rumors even months before that. It hasn't been a secret for quite some time, but now, at long last, it's official: Deathwish skateboards exists.

Here's the officially official roster, according to Owner Andrew Reynolds: Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Lizard King, Antwaun Dixon on the pro squad, and Brian Hansen and Furby as ams.

When the rumors first surfaced in late 2007, Web-savvy skaters discovered that the domain name was, in fact, taken, registered to Erik Ellington of a familiar-sounding "Borgata Eyewear," and was registered way back in December of 2006.

In a January interview, Lizard King told "Now I'm going to go with this new company Reynolds is starting. I mostly skate with all of the Baker guys in L.A. so it just made sense. It's such a better move and such a big opportunity. What do you do when Reynolds asks you to skate for a board company he's starting? You say yes, you can't say no!"


In the March issue of Thrasher, Terry Kennedy further confirms the rumor: "It's the new company they're doing off Baker, like a Girl and Chocolate type situation."

And in a March interview, Brian Hansen explains how he was approached: "I was on that Wild Ride with the Emerica dudes, and Reynolds just said 'Hey we're making a new company, do you think you'll be down?' and this was way before it [Deathwish] was really in the works, no name, no nothing. He said 'I don't know who's going to be on the team, but I want you to be the first one.'"

According to Reynolds, the first run of products will be hitting shops in May, roughly the same time as the highly anticipated Baker Has A Deathwish promo video. "There's no premieres or anything," he says. "It's just for the diehard fans that love our shit."



 Deathwish products will ship May 15, and Dan Rogers is the point man for sales. His email is