BBC On The Warped Tour

Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation (BBC), a non-profit, youth-focusedorganization to educate and raise awareness about breast cancer and theimportance of early detection, has teamed up with Modart and their “KeepA-Breast” campaign on the Vans Warped Tour 2001. With a combo booth thatprovides an eclectic visual and educational opportunity to spread awarenessand educate young people about the importance of early detection, the BBCFoundation will reach more than 700,000 people in 40 cities across NorthAmerica as part of this traveling circus of musicians, action sportsathletes, and “tent-cities” filled with cool activities and raffles.

On display at the BBC/Modart booth are colorful plaster-Paris breast moldspainted by various action sports and urban cultural artists, jelly breastswith fibrous lumps for hands-on self breast exam clinics, cool educationalmaterial about the importance of early detection, plus T-shirts, buttons,stickers, and raffles-all part of a North American BBC Foundation membershipdrive.

Thanks to generous donations by Sims Snowboards, Airwalk, the SnowboardConnection, Billabong, Smith, Hurley, Volcom, A.D.D. Marketing, K2Snowboards, Outback Mountain Boards, Nixon Watches, Entertainment Arts,Cosmic Debris, Adidas, Blackmarket, Workhorse, and Paul Frank, daily rafflesat each venue will raise funds for the BBC Foundation and promote membershipopportunities for on-going support. Funds go directly to educationalcampaigns, including snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing events toraise awareness about the importance of early detection among youth.

Grand prize BBC Vans Warped Tour Raffles include a signed board by pro riderand BBC co-founder, Tina Basich, a K2 Luna board, and a trip to the 7thannual Snowboard + Music Festival in April, 2001 at Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA.(Grand Prize entries, memberships, and donations can also be made online

“The Vans Warped Tour is the best vehicle to reach young people about theimportance of starting self-breast exams even as early as 15,” says BBCDirector, Kathleen Gasperini. “It’s not an older woman’s disease any longerbecause more young women under the age of 35 are getting this disease. Askyourself, how many people do you know have been affected by this disease insome way? It’s everyone-girls, guys, families-it’s an epidemic. But youngwomen don’t often know they’re at risk and the medical community does a poorjob of getting the word out that the best prevention is early detection.This booth helps get the message out with very hands-on, youth-orientedideas. It’s rad, artistic, and educational.”

The Keep A-Breast concept was the brainchild of Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig andShaney Jo Darden as a Modart project in 2000 to help raise awareness andfunds for the BBC Foundation. Modart, an artistic organization that promotesaction sports athletes and urban art cultures, molded women from variousbackgrounds including breast cancer survivors with plaster-Paris. More than100 molds were made and then sent off to trend-setting action sports andurban artists, including Lance Mountain, Jamie Lynn, Futura, Stash andShepard Fairey, who painted them in a wide range of artistic expressions.The molds were first displayed in exhibitions in New York City, SanFrancisco, and at the annual BBC Snowboard + Music Festival in Tahoe in2000-2001. They were also auctioned online at and raised morethan $8,000 for the BBC Foundation.

Modart’s Keep A-Breast campaign helped the BBC Foundation reach a new levelof consciousness among artists, celebrities, and musicians. They willcontinue their Keep A-Breast movement through 4 more exhibitions in2001-2001, plus an online auction starting this winter, and at the annualBBC Snowboard + Music Festival in April, 2002. Modart’s “Camp Modart” was onWarped Tour ’99, which displayed art and fashion in an unbiasedcollaboration of different genres of kids, art, and fashion.

The Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation ( was formed 6 yearsago by Lisa Hudson, Kathleen Gasperini, Monica Steward, Tina Basich, andShannon Dunn. Monica, who was a prominent figure in the snowboardingindustry, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26 and died at29-just 3 months before the first annual event. The BBC Foundation began asan annual Snowboard + Music Fundraising Festival, inspired by Monica, withpro rider competitions and internationally acclaimed bands who preformedlive, including the Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Primus, Moby,Luscious Jackson, Less Than Jake, Spearhead, and others. The organizationhas grown from an annual festival to also hosting 8 local “Board-a-thons”across the country to raise money for local breast cancer organizations(contact the BBC to start your own). The BBC Foundation continues to expandinto other board sports such as skateboarding and surfing, including anupcoming surf event at the Rob Machado Cardiff Beach Surf Classic September8-9, international festivals, and various art exhibitions. The BBCFoundation has raised more than $1 million dollars for breast cancerorganizations targeting young women’s breast cancer research, artisticawareness programs, and youth breast cancer support programs. Members of theBBC Foundation receive an online and offline newsletter about leading-edgeresearch, upcoming info about BBC events, local Board-a-thon activities,plus a sticker, pin, and one of several cool BBC-logo T-shirts. (To become amember, go to:

Come check out the BBC/Modart “Keep A-Breast” booth live, on-site, and hangout or share your story with Shaney Jo Darden and Erica Lee Holder, ourentertaining and educational booth-mistresses, and support a cause that canmake a difference in all of our lives.

For more information regarding the Boarding for Breast Cancer Foundation,including membership, call (877) 814-B4BC and go to For moreinformation about Modart and getting involved call (760) 967- 0821 and go To check out where the BBC/Modart booth is at on the VansWarped Tour, go to